One in four small businesses goes bankrupt from cyber attacks.

Why become a statistic? Learn to protect your data, your clients, and your business.

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About the book

Did you know that hackers can replace your charger with one that infects your smartphone with malware to steal your data? Or that it can take just seconds to guess your password? Your email provider might have the legal right to share your private emails with advertisers and other third parties too.

Viruses are old news. Your book of business is worth thousands of dollars on the black market. Identities are bought and sold every day by hackers. Entire organizations, like the National Health Service, have been brought to their knees by ransomware attacks.

Did you know that attackers can weaponize restaurant tables? With a simple technology at a major fast food chain, if you set your phone on the table, it could be hacked.

Elias Puurunen's Beyond Passwords draws on his extensive experience as a consultant to governments, Fortune 500's, and startups to explain how you can protect your business and your business data from cyber attacks. Beyond Passwords details physical and digital attacks, and how you can defend against them.

In the media

Insurance Innovators Unscripted with Abel Travis

Elias spoke with Abel Travis on the Insurance Innovators Unscripted podcast about the importance of cybersecurity for insurance and financial professionals.

The Insurance Podcast with Peter Tessier

Elias spoke with Peter Tessier on the The Insurance Professionals Podcast. They discussed how financial advisors can educate their clients on cybersecurity risks to help protect their clients.

About the Author

Elias Puurunen is a versatile entrepreneur and President of Northern HCI Solutions Inc., an IT consulting firm which has worked with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and startups. He has spoken at conferences in Canada and the United States and has been published around the world. Part of his work led to an agreement between the Canadian Government and Siemens Canada, creating jobs and investment into green infrastructure.

His company's event management app, the Tractus Event Passport connects people at conferences, seminars and symposiums across Canada.

Today he is a consultant and advisor to technology firms and government organizations. He lectures at the University of Waterloo on Coding for Policy Analysis for the School of Public Policy.

Follow Elias on LinkedIn, Twitter, and his personal blog.

Custom Workshops & Keynotes

"Know thy self, know thy enemy." --Sun Tzu

Protect yourself and your business against attackers, spam, phishing, and deepfakes. Attacks are more sophisticated than ever. An educated team is your best defense against these threats. With the Beyond Passwords Workshop series, your team will learn the following (and more):

  • What are best practices for secure computing.
  • What are the Six most common attacks victims fall prey to, and how to spot them.
  • What are techniques for securely handling and deleting confidential information.
  • How to build a password that is strong, secure, and memorable.
  • How to keep data safe while travelling.
  • How to protect your Internet traffic from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi.
  • How to protect your data from insider threats.

Your business and cybersecurity needs are unique. Elias doesn't believe in delivering canned presentations that scare and leave your listeners wondering, "what can I do to protect myself?" Every presentation is customized to your specific business. Every custom training session is delivered using the Tractus Event Passport, which gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions before, during, and after the presentation, download handouts, and stay in touch with Elias.

"Ignorance isn't bliss, and hope is not a contingency plan." --Elias Puurunen

What are Your Needs?

Since every presentation is customized, there is a lot of flexibility in how we can work together. Some of our most popular options for training are:

  1. If your team or group will be together for training purposes such as at a conference or meeting, consider a Full Day, Half Day, or Multi-Day workshop.
  2. If your team is spread out across the world, consider up to 90-minute, customized sessions with live question and answer via Webinar or Conference call.

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Book Resources

Scam Call: The Legal Threat

Here's an example of a robo-call where the scammer threatens the victim by claiming they have a pending case against them.

Phishing E-Mails

Phishing e-mails impersonate a legitimate business, like a bank, to try and trick you into giving an attacker your bank information, personal details, and more.

  • An example of a phishing email with an attachment. This one had ransomware that would have locked away all the files on this user's computer.
  • This email had a link to a hacked website. The website was a scam tech support company.
  • A phishing email where the attacker tried to impersonate someone applying for a job. The attachment was infected with malware.

Scam Call: The IRS/Tax Agency Threat

Scammers like to impersonate tax agencies and claim you have money owing to them.